The First of Many Posts to Come!


Welcome one and all! Let us get into the sauce here and find out what I and you all as my passengers are dealing with. So who is the random guy who is posting all this content to the web? I am a 40 something divorced dad, working a full time job (really a full time job and a half), father of three kids (two older sons 14 and 12, and a younger daughter 7). Being a good parent is relatively simple in theory right? This would imply that you are a half way decent person, know right from wrong, and are a contributing member to society. The reality is that parenting is probably the craziest and most convoluted thing ever that is constantly evolving! There are no instruction manuals, no one size fits all solutions, and the kids are constantly transforming, growing, changing the game on the parent.

Either way, whether we choose to make those kiddos or if they came as a surprise, we all made the choice to keep them around and accepted all of the good and very very very difficult that comes with being a parent. Thanks for being a part of this journey with me and realizing the purpose that parenting in numbers and together we can be stronger and better for our kids. Parenting is not easy whether one or two parents involved but in the end we do the best that we can and I applaud all of you for always giving it your all. Welcome and lets start taking those steps on the path together! ~ Ivan

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