Bedtime and Why Weighted Blankets Are Our Best Friends.


Who hasn’t struggled with maintaining a routine when it comes to bed time and how much harder is it when its one against well pick your number of kids! Whether it’s one, two, or more it can be overwhelming! While there are so many things that go into establishing a healthy bedtime routine one of those aspects often overlooked is the bedding. When my co-parent and I went through our divorce years ago, it was tough on the middle child. All he wanted was to be held and comforted at night which was almost impossible for me because I have three kids and I cannot split myself into thirds.

Enter the solution, the weighted blanket! Many of us hav heard the benefits of using weighted blankets that are appropriate for the age and size of the person and I’m here to tell you they work wonders. I was skeptical at first and purchased a 7lbs blanket just to try it out and it was almost instant! Within a week, my middle guy was sleeping more soundly and through the night and over the years we have not graduated to a 18lbs blanket like the one here! I can personally tell you that it is a lifesaver and once the little guy (12 years old and 90lbs) is under it he is asleep before I know it! Give it a shot and tell me what you think, would love to hear your thoughts!


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