It Never Really Ends Does It?


It never really ends does it? I get it, most of us signed up to be parents and to help form and create good honest human beings but it seems as if with each addition it become exponentially more and more difficult to keep up. To keep up with schedules, with financial obligations, with ones own health and well being. If I’m not working at the job then I’m working at home. Whether its doing 2 – 3 loads of laundry every other day, cleaning a house that inevitably becomes dirty the second I walk away.

Yet I and the rest of us continue to push through, fumbling, exhausted and looking to find that magical “balance” that so many speak of. Sometimes I wonder, does it mean I just need to stop caring about certain things or people and just focus on what I believe to be most important or do I continue to practice what I preach which is putting others needs before my own.

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you want to look at it I am lucky. As I am one of two “willing” co-parents that take care of our 3 children both myself and my co-parents schedules align to where she works one week at the job site and I the following. This allows for us to care of the DNA without having to put them in a daycare or work-care solution since they are all learning virtually at the moment. Yet even with all this “extra” tie every other week how come I can’t catch up. I currently work two jobs, my primary and my secondary which is a delivery driver for an online food order company. I essentially pay rent to just sleep in my apartment for a few hours a day, an a few extra ones on the weekends. Yet the cleaning is never done, the cooking is never done, and the organizing is never done. It never really does end! Comment and let me know if you feel the same or if I’m just going nuts, let me know!!


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