How Parenting Can Be Compared To The Perfect Golf Shot.

02.09.2021 Parenting in and of itself can be a daunting responsibility. You find yourself responsible for another living human being. To make matters more complicated and stressful you not only have to keep them alive but also have to “form” them into a respectful individual. One that will obey legal and social norms that youContinue reading “How Parenting Can Be Compared To The Perfect Golf Shot.”

Bedtime and Why Weighted Blankets Are Our Best Friends.

1.27.2021 Who hasn’t struggled with maintaining a routine when it comes to bed time and how much harder is it when its one against well pick your number of kids! Whether it’s one, two, or more it can be overwhelming! While there are so many things that go into establishing a healthy bedtime routine oneContinue reading “Bedtime and Why Weighted Blankets Are Our Best Friends.”

It Never Really Ends Does It?

01.27.2021 It never really ends does it? I get it, most of us signed up to be parents and to help form and create good honest human beings but it seems as if with each addition it become exponentially more and more difficult to keep up. To keep up with schedules, with financial obligations, withContinue reading “It Never Really Ends Does It?”

The Constant Struggle

14.Dec.2020 Is it just me or does it seem like as a parent one is constantly struggling to imprint the proper values, morales, and way of being with one’s DNA these days? Case and point, the 14 year old, which has a smartphone was told that when the phone was received that he would haveContinue reading “The Constant Struggle”

The First of Many Posts to Come!

02.Dec.2020 Welcome one and all! Let us get into the sauce here and find out what I and you all as my passengers are dealing with. So who is the random guy who is posting all this content to the web? I am a 40 something divorced dad, working a full time job (really aContinue reading “The First of Many Posts to Come!”