How Parenting Can Be Compared To The Perfect Golf Shot.

02.09.2021 Parenting in and of itself can be a daunting responsibility. You find yourself responsible for another living human being. To make matters more complicated and stressful you not only have to keep them alive but also have to “form” them into a respectful individual. One that will obey legal and social norms that youContinue reading “How Parenting Can Be Compared To The Perfect Golf Shot.”

It Never Really Ends Does It?

01.27.2021 It never really ends does it? I get it, most of us signed up to be parents and to help form and create good honest human beings but it seems as if with each addition it become exponentially more and more difficult to keep up. To keep up with schedules, with financial obligations, withContinue reading “It Never Really Ends Does It?”